Episode 44: Austin 5G Update with Bob Digneo, Assistant VP, External and Regulatory Affairs at AT&T

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(RUN TIME - 13:50)

On today's BG Podcast Bingham return guest Bob Digneo, Assistant Vice President - External and Regulatory Affairs, AT&T, discusses the company's April announcement of limited 5G service in Austin, as well as local and state policy issues around the wireless standard.

Bob was first featured on BG Podcast Episode 24.

What is 5G?

5G, which stands for "fifth generation," is an upcoming standard for mobile telecommunications service that promises to be significantly faster than today's 4G technology.

Why you should care?

It will allow users to browse the internet, upload or download videos, and use data-intensive apps or features such as virtual reality much more quickly and smoothly than is possible now.

What it means for cities?

"Almost any function that a city performs has the potential of being enhanced and being smarter and better, and more efficient with a better more robust wireless network.” - Bob Digneo

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