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Episode 52 - The Internet of Things and Austin Tech Philanthropy with Silicon Labs CEO Tyson Tuttle

Welcome The BG Podcast! Conversations at the intersection of business, community, and public policy, from the Austin metro and around Texas.

On this episode Silicon Labs CEO Tyson Tuttle sat down with host A.J. Bingham to discuss Tyson's path to the C-Suite, Silicon Labs leading work in the Internet of Things, and the evolution of philanthropy (time and money) in Austin’s tech community.

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Zilker Belts on the BG Podcast

Founded in 2015, Zilker Belts was born with a mission to embrace handmade craftsmanship while bringing a classic Argentine style to our Austin home and beyond.

We’ve known the Zilker Belt co-founders for years, and have admired their entrepreneurial journey. The belts reflect Austin’s casual, colorful, style sensibilities. You’ll catch their belts in offices, patio happy hours, and of course, Zilker Park.

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Episode 50 - Featuring New Senior Consultant Tina Bui

On Episode 50 we take a quick recap of past odd twelve months since launching on May 26, 2018. It has been a journey of development in terms of show and production development.

A BIG THANKS to all our past guests, viewers, and the team who makes the show possible!

Bingham Group CEO A.J. Bingham also introduces our newest Senior Consultant, Tina Bui.

A trusted collaborator and strategic adviser, Tina is a local government insider having spent some 20 years of her career at the City of Austin and Capital Metro working on both public policy and administration.

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Episode 42: A Startup Conversation with Easy Expunctions CEO Yousef Kassim

On today’s episode we speak with Easy Expunctions CEO and Founder Yousef Kassim. Easy Expunctions is a San Antonio-based legal technology start up providing background check and expunction/nondisclosure services. Their legal records search algorithms allow clients to know what (if any) charges they have against them, and what can be expunged. 

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Episode 40: Megan Lasch, Saigebrook Development, on City Council’s Affordabilty Unlocked resolution

On today’s episode we speak with Megan Lasch, with Saigebrook Development, an Austin-based affordable housing development firm. She and Bingham Group CEO A.J. Bingham discuss the Affordabilty Unlocked resolution, passed unanimously by Austin’s City Council on February 21, 2019.

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