Episode 31: James Hines, SVP of Government Affairs, Texas Association of Business, on economic development for the state legislature

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James Hines

SVP of Government Affairs, Texas Association of Business

Today's podcast was originally recorded on January 8, 2019, the first day of the 86th Texas Legislative Session. The show features a discussion with returning guest James Hines, Senior Vice President of Government Affairs & In-House Counsel, Texas Association of Business (TAB). James and Bingham Group CEO A.J. Bingham talked TAB’s legislative priorities around economic development and public education, to name a few.

The TAB is Texas's largest business association, representing over 2, 800 businesses, from major corporations to small start-ups. Combined those businesses employ over 2.5 million Texans and drive the economic engine of the state. The association influences policy development and drives legislative decisions in Texas and Washington, D.C. advocating for members’ bottom line.

We recorded in TAB’s new headquarters where minor construction was going on (pardon the light background noise).

Enjoy (and leave a comment)!


Texas Association of Business

Episode 11: James Hines, SVP of Advocacy and In-House Counsel at Texas Association of Business

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